Marisco - Marlborough Wine and Food Festival
Born of family legacy and a passion for winemaking, Marisco Vineyards represents all that is exciting and bountiful about the Marlborough winegrowing region. Established in 2003 by Brent & Rosemary Marris, Marisco Vineyards has since become a powerhouse in the New Zealand wine industry, with acclaimed brands such as The Ned, Leefield Station and The Kings Series earning exceptional favour worldwide. With vineyards situated in the Waihopai Valley, their vineyards embody a boutique, small-block functionality on a large scale, taking the fresh, vibrant flavours of Marlborough wine to the world. Located in the middle of their Waihopai River vineyard is their “new generation” winery built using unique innovations from several different industries all with the goal of producing the highest quality wines possible.  Combining elegance with class and efficiency, this family owned and operated wine company continues to take the wine world by storm, exporting their wines worldwide.

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