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Festival Hours 10:30am - 6pm, Saturday 11th Feb

Acoustic Stage

Nivan Band

The Nivan Band is made up of a group of RSE workers for Vinepower. Most of them are returnees who have been coming back to New Zealand for three years now. They hail from different islands from around Vanuatu, and come together every summer season to play and sing. They perform traditional island music using traditional instruments.

The 808 Quintet

The 808 Quintet jazz combo will be keeping you entertained on both the main stage and acoustic stage at the 2017 Marlborough Wine & Food Festival.

Tropic of Booyah

Tropic of Booyah is the local duo of Brad Pope and John Porter. The pair have been playing together for the last two years and cover a wide range of everyone's favourite music. With Brad's husky tone and John's huge power their voices combine for a truely unique sound! 

Little T

Commonly known as Tom Chadwick Petaera. A versatile and talented entertainer who hails from Whanganui but has now settled in Blenheim, Marlborough and performs in the local bars. He brings to the stage classic hits with a ska like style of rhythmic groove, and original music written and composed by himself, conveyed with the spoils of an outstanding backing band.

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